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Disc brakes offer several operational & maintenance advantages over drum brakes. Disc brakes have superior resistance to performance fade on downhill grades. They are self-adjusting so, as pads wear, braking efficiency is not reduced. They are less susceptible to contamination and fade after being submerged. They require less maintenance, have fewer moving parts, feature faster heat recovery and are lighter.

UFP DB-35 Disc Brake Caliper This DB-35 model disc brake caliper is designed for excellent corrosion resistance and maximum stopping performance. The caliper includes pre-loaded organic brake pads for corrosion protection and reduced rotor wear keeping braking system functioning at optimum for longer. 

 Unique Park mechanism for greater design allowance (on passivated model only)

 Rated up to 3150kg per axle

 Includes pre-loaded organic brake pads

 Flex Controlled for Soft Braking

 Compatible with Ventilated Rotor

 2-Year Limited Warranty, excluding fair wear and tear.