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RV theft is on the rise as the value and popularity of new caravans and campers increases. At the same time, larger houses and our migration to apartments are banishing many of these towed trailers from the secure backyards they used to inhabit to public storage yards, front driveways or even nature strips and the kerb-side.

Thief-proofing your valuable trailer or caravan used to be as simple as a length of chain, a padlock and a nearby tree or lamppost. However, in these days of lithium-powered portable grinders and cheap chainsaws, that is no longer enough.

Advanced satellite tracking like AL-KO’s ATS (Anti-Theft System) is the ultimate way to track and hopefully recover your wheeled investment, but a good place to start is a product to stop it being stolen in the first place.

Given that AL-KO supplies most of the 50mm ball hitches fitted to Australian caravans and camper trailers, it’s not surprising that it also markets a simple but effective lock that suits nearly all braked and un-braked couplings on the market.

Priced very affordably, AL-KO’s Universal Coupling Lock buys you invaluable peace of mind.

This light and easy to use coupling lock is designed to fit all trailers with conventional ball hitches, meaning it will prevent would-be thieves making off with your caravan, boat, box trailer, camper trailer or horse-float.

Made from cast aluminum, the AL-KO Universal Coupling Lock works in two ways. Firstly, it is a valuable visual deterrent, with its tough, red powder-coated finish signalling to any would-be thief that attempting to steal your trailer is likely to be a noisy and lengthy exercise that will attract unwanted attention from neighbors and passers-by.

The AL-KO Universal Coupling Lock is small and light enough to carry in your tow car’s glovebox, yet fits over and locks your trailer’s coupling in seconds. You can therefore park and detach your tow vehicle and have peace of mind knowing that your trailer or van will almost certainly still be there when you get back.

The all-in-one unit’s unique design requires no additional padlock as the locking device is built in. The zinc-plated locking bar prevents corrosion when left out in the weather, while its advanced built-in locking mechanism resists picking and prying.

The AL-KO Universal Coupling lock has six separate locking lengths to suit all common sizes and types of coupling and is supplied with three keys as part of the kit.